Book: Cybersecurity Arm Wrestling

My latest adventure is writing a book on building and operating a world class Security Operations Center (SOC). This book is published and available for purchase through

Book Research

Other than my 20 years of experience in information security, I have been talking to a number of information security professionals as part of my research. The objective is to benefit from practical experience of a many people who have actually planned, designed, and built SOC and incorporate their experiences in the book.

Table of Contents & Download 

  • Chapter 1: Introduction
  • Chapter 2: SOC Business Case Development
  • Chapter 3: Logs and other data sources
  • Chapter 4: SOC Human Resources
  • Chapter 5: SOC Technology Stack
  • Chapter 6: SOC Implementation Planning
  • Chapter 7: SOC Operations and Incident Response
  • Chapter 8: SOC Staff Training and skills development
  • Chapter 9: Threat Intelligence and Threat Hunting
  • Chapter 10: Measuring Efficiency and SOC Metrics
  • Chapter 11: Open Source Solutions for SOC

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