Book: Cybersecurity Arm Wrestling

Cybersecurity Arm Wrestling - Winning the perpetual fight against crime by building a modern Security Operations Center (SOC)

My latest adventure is writing a book on building and operating a world class Security Operations Center (SOC). This book is scheduled to be published by end of 2020 and will be available through in print as well as free PDF download.

Book Research

Other than my 20 years of experience in information security, I have been talking to a number of information security professionals as part of my research. The objective is to benefit from practical experience of a many people who have actually planned, designed, and built SOC and incorporate their experiences in the book.

Book Reviewers

If you are interested in being a reviewer of this book, please contact me directly as I have some material ready for review.

Table of Contents & Download 

  • Chapter 1: Introduction
  • Chapter 2: Business Case Development
  • Chapter 3: Logs and other data sources
  • Chapter 4: SOC Technology Stack
  • Chapter 5: SOC Planning
  • Chapter 6: Human Resources
  • Chapter 7: SOC Operations and Incident Response
  • Chapter 8: Training and skills development
  • Chapter 9: SOC and compliance needs
  • Chapter 10: Integrating Threat Intelligence
  • Chapter 11: Governance Models
  • Chapter 12: Measuring Efficiency and SOC Metrics
  • Chapter 13: Continuous Improvement

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