A Conference Dedicated to Security Operations Center (SOC)

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As shown in CISO MindMap 2023, job of security professionals is complex and Security Operations Center (SOC) is a significant part of this job. SOC analysts are stressed out by overwhelming number of incidents and dealing with these incidents in a timely manner. While there are so many security conferences every year, working on my latest book “Cybersecurity Arm Wrestling – Winning the perpetual fight agains crime by building a modern Security Operations Center (SOC)” made me convinced that a dedicated event is needed to focus only on topics related to a SOC.


Benefit from experiences of SOC practitioners, crowdsourcing SOC best practices.

Main Focus Areas

Following are the major areas of focus that should be part of a SOC conference.

  1. SOC in the Cloud, SOC as a Service
  2. SOC – Meaningful Performance Metrics
  3. SOC Staff: Well being and stress management
  4. Use of Artificial Intelligence in SOC
  5. SOC for IoT, OT, Autonomous Vehicles and other emerging industry needs
  6. Implication of Cloud, Containers, Serverless Computing on SOC
  7. Threat visualization, Threat Intelligence
  8. Cooperative SOC for vertical markets
  9. Automation
  10. Open source SOC
  11. Incident Response, Digital Forensics
  12. Business case development, planning and implementation and cost management
  13. Emerging SOC technologies
  14. Global SOC challenges, privacy laws, data sharing across physical boundaries
  15. Integrations, APIs, Ticketing Systems
  16. Knowledge Management

With expanding sources of data and ever-evolving new threats, we, as industry need to continuously work on finding the best path forward. The objective of this conference is to do exactly that by challenging the status quo and bring fresh and original thoughts to meet new challenges.

Who Should Speak?

Speakers at this event should be only those who are SOC practitioners in some form so that they can bring real world experience to the audience.

Delivery Mode

To enable global community, the conference should be virtual so that participants can join/present from anywhere without the need for traveling.

Call to Action

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