Three Step to Make Every Day Rewarding

Perhaps this will not be surprising to many people that you accomplish more on days when you set goals in the morning than the days when you don’t. By achieving something that you planned, you feel accomplished by the end of day instead of having a sense of emptiness and of wasting time. It gives a notion of fulfillment, makes you productive, and makes you proud of yourself.

It is true that the best way of not accomplishing anything is to not set any goal.

The feeling of “I have done something today” is elevating. Not only that, people enjoy other activities (such as entertainment) more by not having the “guilty” feeling of not doing much.

So here is the simple three-step process that will make every day rewarding for you, and enhance your productivity substantially:

  • Set and Write – Every day morning, set your goals for the day and write them down on a paper. You can use a journal but writing by hand is important.
  • Prioritize – Put a number or weight corresponding to each goal showing the importance or priority.
  • Publicize – Tell people around you about what your goals are. If there is nobody around or you don’t want to tell other, tell it to yourself in a loud voice.

Why should we do these steps this way? Here is some explanation for each one of these.

Setting and Writing Daily Goals – Not only having plans for a day makes a huge difference, writing these plans on a paper makes it even better. Writing something by hand invokes a thought process in our brains. People are more likely to act on a goal when they have written it down. Writing goals and corresponding actions makes a person more “committed” to achieving the goal.

Prioritizing Daily Goals – As we all know, every goal is not equally important. Prioritize the most important goals so that even if you are not able to get everything done, you have the most important things covered.

Publicize Daily Goals – When we talk about something, even to ourselves, something in our brain triggers association with it. Talking to your friends about what you want to accomplish today will enhance likelihood of getting it done.

Setting daily goals and then making them actually happen builds self-confidence and makes you more successful. Additionally sharing your goals with your friends will motivate them and will build a circle of high achievers. Success is contagious and only brings more success to your friends, your business, and communities around you.


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