SOC Book: Chapter 1 Available for Download

Cybersecurity Arm Wrestling Title

Just published first chapter draft of the my latest book: “CyberSecurity Arm Wrestling: Winning the perpetual fight against crime by building a modernSecurity Operations Center“. This chapter is available for immediate download by clicking here. The chapter covers the following topics:

  1. What is a Security Operations Center (SOC)?
  2. What is a Modern SOC
  3. What this Book is not about
  4. Purpose:Why Build SOC?
  5. SOC Business Models
  6. What it takes to build a SOC
  7. SOC Implementation: Incremental or Big Bang?
  8. SOC Lifecycle Phases
  9. Who are the stakeholders
  10. SOCGoals/Perspective

The next chapters will be coming soon. Please download the chapter and provide your feedback.

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